About Prairie PROducers

Prairie PROducers is an industrial hemp fiber producer/processor located in Olivia, MN. Olivia, the Renville County seat, is known for its farm yields and innovations in agriculture. Licensed with the State of Minnesota, Prairie PROducers offers opportunities for growers looking to diversify their crop in the face of a changing, global market and solutions for manufacturers seeking to reduce their reliance on petroleum-based plastics.

Paul and Tim Seehusen

Who We Are

Brothers Paul and Tim Seehusen grew up in Olivia and were disheartened to see the decline in their hometown. Enter industrial hemp. Paul and Tim’s vision is to revitalize the local economy first by adding industrial hemp back into the standard crop rotation in Renville County and then by supplying a national market with hemp fiber. Prairie PROducers is a family-owned, faith-based company with an eye toward philanthropy. Learn more about Paul and Tim’s adventure into hemp on the Prairie PROducer’s Podcast, Episode 002, hosted by Nicole Johnson.

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